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CHiNGONAs Salsa Macha

Muy Muy Macha!

Welcome to Chingonas Salsa Macha. Our great selection of products will cover all of your needs, whatever and wherever they may be. Enjoy our exceptional shopping experience and contact our customer service with questions or comments.


So what is Salsa Macha?

Salsa Macha is an oil-based chili crunch sauce from Veracruz, Mexico, made from variations of dried chiles, garlic, nuts and seeds fried in oil and finely chopped. It is naturally Vegan and Gluten Free and pairs amazingly with not just tacos, tostadas, and burritos but also with any soup or egg dishes.

Ingredients: Oil, Shallot, Garlic, Chile Japones, Chile Guajillo, Chile de Arbol, Salt, Ginger, Sugar, Peanuts, Mushroom Powder, Sesame Seed, Cumin, Black Pepper

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